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Pagoda RPC API


The Pagoda RPC provides you with instant access to maintenance free, scalable NEAR infrastructure, powering you on the fastest path from ideas to launch.

Developers can interact with on-chain data and send different types of transactions to the network by utilizing the RPC endpoints.

In addition to the powerful node infrastructure, we also created the Pagoda RPC Stats page so that you can have visibility into your RPC usage and performances and take control of your project from the infrastructure level. What’s more? You can subscribe to the alerts from our Status page so that you can follow the health of Pagoda RPC real time. All accesbile via Pagoda Console.


API Keys


Access KeysRetrieve information about an account's access keys.
Accounts / ContractsView details about accounts and contracts as well as perform contract calls.
Block / ChunkQuery the network and get details about specific blocks or chunks.
GasGet gas price for a specific block or hash.
ProtocolRetrieve current genesis and protocol configuration.
NetworkReturn status information for nodes and validators.
TransactionsSend transactions and query their status.

You can access the JSON RPC 2.0 endpoints using Postman, JavaScript, Rust, and CLI.