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Pagoda Alerts & Triggers

What are Alerts & Triggers?

Pagoda Alerts & Triggers are designed to notify, and automated responses to important events that occur on the NEAR blockchain. Behind the scenes, Alerts are powered by many mini-indexers, “Alertexers”, that stream blockchain data in real-time, enabling developers to know what’s happening to their dApp before their users do.

Alerts are broken into three parts:

  1. The NEAR address the alert should listen to (account or contract)
  2. The event condition (success & failed actions, account drains, and more)
  3. The alert destination (e-mail, Telegram, webhooks)

Alerts can be set-up to listen for the following five conditions:

  1. Successful Actions
  2. Failed Actions
  3. Event Logged
  4. Function Called
  5. Account Balance Change


Using Webhooks with Alerts & Triggers

See an example on how to set up alerts using webhooks.